2013 saw the Welsh tour of SPANGLED, our audience-immersive theatre production based on real life experiences of clubbers, DJs and nightclub staff in the 1990s. It began life the previous year when, with the help of a Research and Development grant from the Arts Council of Wales and involvement in an Incubator Project at the Wales Millennium Centre, the company interviewed, filmed, devised, developed and created a brand new innovative and exciting piece of promenade theatre. The tour, again supported by the Arts Council of Wales saw Lee Mengo being nominated for Best Actor in the Wales Theatre Critics Awards. 

“This really is a company to keep your eye on, here they have created a truly original and innovative piece of work that is sure to leave the audience with a smile on their face and a sudden desire to don their best shell suit and hit an underground rave.”
(Chelsey Gillard – Young Critics Review)

“Spangled……is a bold and innovative attempt to recreate the rave experience in a manner which draws in those to whom it is an alien world.”
(Othniel Smith – British Theatre Guide)

“Director Bethan Morgan has done a wonderful job bringing this complex technical show into being with such minimum resources. With her fellow Mercury Theatre directors, Lynn Hunter and David Prince together they have devised a strong line and made us care about the lives of the characters that they have created. It is the deep theatre understanding that arises from the over one hundred years of experience they have between them that shows through. If you want to relive your teenage life or just live vicariously for an hour or so go out and get Spangled!”
(Michael Kelligan – Theatre in Wales)

“The intelligence of Bethan Morgan’s (Director) design is that this forces the audience to become part of the play itself, immersing everyone into the sights and sounds of early club culture……Mercury Theatre Wales should be commended for experimenting with the boundaries of traditional theatre production.”
(Ben Glover – Wales Arts Review)

“The energy of the cast is astounding……a new company which explodes into being with a high-energy debut like “Spangled” is to be welcomed.”
(Adam Somerset – Theatre in Wales)

“In the case of Spangled the word immersive is exactly correct. We are led into a club that feels absolutely like a club. We encounter characters, soundscapes and visuals that evoke accurately and viscerally the experience of dance music and the specific era when it kicked off in the UK……Thought-provoking and fun. Thank You.”
(Dick Johns – Audience Feedback)

“Absolutely loved Spangled. Such an innovative show, took us all back in time… Well done on creating such a unique and special piece of theatre.”
(Cellar Door Nightclub – Audience Feedback)

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I recall the 1st time I saw Star Wars, I was only a nipper
I recall the first time I saw a Ferrari
I recall my first ice-cream was the Queens Jubilee in 76

I will never forget when I saw ‘Spangled’, I am not the kind of guy that hits the theatre, man I was taken aback, the production was like nothing I have seen/experienced before

If there is another show like this going on again I will be all over it like a Cardiff Seagull in Chippy Alley

Tonight was one of the best pieces of interactive theatre I have experienced. You guys nailed it! Even as a ‘new’ clubber, I recognised the stories you were telling. Moving, exciting, and thrilling. Thank you all so much :). I hope this show can make it to the Edinburgh Festival, you definitely deserve it!

Yay, congratulations. You know when you’ve been Spangled!

Absolutely loved Spangled. Such an innovative show, took us all back in time… Well done on creating such a unique and special piece of theatre. From all at Cellar Door

A wonderful experience. Involving and immersive. Thank you.

Saw this on Thursday, absolutely awesome! Anyone who’s ever been clubbing over the years needs to go see this before its too late

LOVED spangled … Was like a trip down memory lane.. No pun intended

Well done at volcano on Saturday! I loved it! Perfect space for it!


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