Current Projects

2020 Homelessness Project

2020 sees the starts of our Research & Development process for our Homelessness project. A new production is due in 2021. Watch this space!



Jules’s Coffee Mornings are a place to get creative, to glue stringy balloon sculptures, to learn a waltz and to speak out. Inspired by the real experiences of many brave Women, join six who are now finding their voices. It’s not all just tea and biscuits.  

So you see, we know what you think of us, we know what we’ve become. That’s why we’re here….we’re trying to work out together how we move on. How we survive.


35 TIMES is our ongoing Domestic Abuse project which will be touring again in 2019. Along with public performances, we will be focussing on taking it into schools and using it as a Police training tool. Watch this space for details of dates and venues.

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